Play Slitherio Unblocked at School and Offices

We all love school, but what happens when we cannot play our favorite games even when we have free time in the school? Frustration!

For example, Slitherio is blocked in most school or other institutional places and that can easily make anyone feel frustrated in free time!

Slitherio Unblocked at School

Slitherio is also my favorite game and I also want to play the game with no restriction -- the location should not matter.

Then, one day, I found Slitherio Unblocked -- a website that enables anyone to play the game without being blocked!

Not everyone knows how Slitherio works. Let's find it out.

slitherio unblocked at school

Slitherio GamePlay unblocked is a relentless competitive game that offers the players the ability to play according to their abilities. Unlike Agario, the game is well balanced and the only winner is the player with skills and not by the virtue of the size or other attributes.

In the start, you need to choose the snake name and skin. After choosing, you will be spawned in a big board and will be asked to grab the small colorful dots on the board. The dots eaten will improve the size of your snake and the cycle goes on. In the process, you need to kill other snakes and make yourself more awesome in the process.

To kill other snakes, you need to make their head hit to any part of the body. This balance the game to a great extent. Even the smallest snake can kill the largest snake on the board.

How to win the game

To win the game, you need to keep eating those colorful dots on the board and kill other snakes. If you end up the longest snake on the board before time ends, you have officially won the game!

Some Tips For Playing The Game

Let's list some tips to play the game.

  1. Use Dashing to crash other snakes into you. For dashing hold down the left click mouse button.
  2. Circle small snakes to eat them up. An unforgiving game mechanic, but that's how the game rolls.
  3. Bigger snake should avoid being in the center. Stick to the edges.
  4. Stay away from big fights. Let other snake fight it out and die and you remain there to eat the residue.


I really love Slitherio Unblocked as it let me play the game from anywhere. If you love Slitherio, bookmark the website now. Also, share the website with your family and friends!
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